#8 – Hunting and Cooking Tips with James Doumtsis

This week is part 2 with James Doumtsis! We dive deep into his background in hunting. He gives his insights to gaining property access as well as explaining it from the property owners point of view. James explains just how often property owners deal with poachers and reminds you to keep that in mind and separate yourself from those who take it upon themselves to ruin the hunting name for the rest of us.

James has a heap of tips for hunters both in the field and in the kitchen. James talks to beginners a lot through his social media platform and says one of the biggest tips he can give is taking the ‘trophy’ pressure off of yourself. It’s not expected that you will get a monster deer or any deer on your first hunt. Go into hunting with a good reason and intent. Enjoy your time in the bush and getting in with nature firstly and then the animal culls will come.

James expresses how you should make your time cooking wild game enjoyable too. Hunting is only half of the process, some times the biggest challenges come in the kitchen with knowing how to best cook the meat.


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