#9 – Hunting Elk In USA with Michael Herne

This week I’m joined by Micahel Herne. Michael has been in infantry for years and was introduced to bowhunting as the military had a hunting program set up on base in which service teams and their families could hunt hogs year round.


Michael takes us through the tag system in Northern America and explains how the conservation system works. Michael explains the positives and negatives of the system and how to best use it to your advantage as an ‘outter state buyer’ especially when hunting for elk.


Mr Herne talks us through his elk hunts that he has done and explains the night and day differences he experienced from year to year after gaining some confidence around these animals.


Michael enlightens us with some fun stories and tips for beginners to think about when they’re out in the field. Michael helps to fill in the blanks from costs of the hunt to the time needed to be successful out on public land.


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