#11 Snakes and Goats with Jono Roberts

This week we’re joined by Jono Roberts (@jonoluke) on the podcast. Jono is a mad keen outdoorsman and does his very best to interact with the wildlife as often as he can. His instagram is full of incredible selfies with animals such as eagles, snakes, echidnas, crocodiles, emus, kangaroos and more.

Jono has a fascination for snakes, so much so that he has stashes of the most deadliest snakes in not only Australia but the world in enclosures around his house.

Jono explains how snakes are misjudged creatures and that almost all bites could be related back to human stupidity or pushing past the safe zone when they should have backed out.

Roberts explains how he sees to snake handling and gives a few insights as to how he leads other passionate outdoorsmen to snake handling.

Most of Jono’s bowhunting is around goats. He hunts for meat, he hunts for the experience and he occasionally hunts for the trophy. He explains how he typically locates goats and his usual movements in the stalk for his goat hunts.

Unknown to host Matty, Jono explains how goats have multiple ruts throughout the year and sheds more light on their mating seasons.


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