#13 – Turkeys, Trout & White-tail with Tyler Skowronski

This week Matty is joined by Tyler Skowronski of Hiit Outdoors (@hiitingthedream)

Tyler is based out of the state of New York in America and is an avid outdoorsman. In fact, Tyler spends so much time outside Matty though he was a guide as he’s forever outdoors sharing his passion for bowhunting white-tail, shotgunning turkey’s and fly fishing for trout.


The turkey season has just come and gone in America and so a lot of the conversation is dedicated to the great big turkeys. The boys cover over the fascination with the birds and what dictates a great turkey.

It’s not all about the turkeys at the moment though as the trout are biting! Tyler is also a passionate fisherman and dives into the legalities of trout fishing. He lets us know that a male trout is referred to as a ‘buck’. Meaning that he’s chasing good sized bucks all year around!

Tyler has been in the outdoors for most of his life and reminisces on some of his first adventures with his bow as well as his first big game kill, a white-tail deer.

Tyler and Matty talk a bit about the importance of fitness and how it’s served them both in the wild as well as how you can keep motivated for your next hunt.


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