#14 – Persistence Pays with Elissa Rosemond

This week host matty is joined by Elissa Rosemond, known on FB and instagram as @egr_bowhunting.

Elissa is an avid bowhunter and explains many times throughout the episode how persistence pays off in the bush with a bow.

We talk from her beginnings into bowhunting in 2011 through to now were she is deeply involved in bowhunting and archery at her local club in Rockhampton!

Elissa tells us some great hunting stories including some close encounters with boars, only she was the target. Rosemond dives into her first Cape York hunt along with more recent and very successful hunts in NSW this year.

Elissa tells a great story from this years rut where her and partner Brett gave themselves 3 weeks to get the job done and it literally came right down to the last day.

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