#17 The 5 Year Hunt with Lonnie Broekman

This week host Matty interviews guest Lonnie Broekman. Lonnie has been a life long hunter but has only transitioned to bowhunting in recent years, however, has excelled in his hunting. Among many stories, Lonnie tells us of a white fallow buck that he hunted for 5 years straight before successfully hunting in the 2019 rut.


Before this story though Lonnie talks in detail about one of his favourite animals to hunt… Foxes.


We talk everything from populations and taxpayers money spent on population control, where to look for foxes, how to whistle foxes in both while soloing and with a friend helping to whistle them in.


Lonnie has some great stories and experiences that we can all learn from. In particular… patience. For someone to put in the effort and time over 5 years of rutting seasons shows a crazy amount of persistence and patience and almost goes unspoken in his shortened version of his hunt.


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