#20 Traditional Success Stories with Jack Spinks

This week host Matty is joined by traditional bow hunter Jack Spinks. Jack is a very successful hunter who has plenty of stories to share of his success with his traditional archery gear.


Jack takes us through his shot process and explains how the ‘instinctive’ shooting method he uses works. He explains the benefits of quality materials as well as why you should try to always wear finger protection while shooting a trad bow. Jack takes us through why your arm is getting slapped with the string and how to fix it.


In this conversation we break open the can of worms of what critters mean to farmers and why you saying you’ll clear out some pests is a laughable comment to the land owners.


Jack finishes up with some incredible stories around some of his favourite hunts as well as his method of stalking and how he consistently gets within 10m of the big critters he’s putting on the ground.


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