#27 – All Hawaii has to offer with Austin Griffey

This week host Matty takes you to the island of Kona in Hawaii to hear all about the bowhunting opportunities and game on offer in Hawaii!


Austin Griffey was born and raised on Kona and has been fortunate to have been chasing big horn sheep, axis deer and pigs with a bow for most of his life. Austin explains the change in animal numbers in recent years compared to when he was young, due to aerial shooting programs.


Austin explains what the wild game means to the locals. He speaks of being taught to respect the animal and hunt only for meat! Austin also shares some of his favourite cooking methods for wild pigs, including smoke house (a garden shed with a coals spread across the ground and a China box (a wooden coffin style box that is a similar concept to a hangi)


This podcast is filled with great stories and incredible methodologies and of course all you need to know for bowhunting Kona.


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