#32 – Optimising Health and Fitness for Bowhunting with Matty & Stacey Turner

This week Matty is joined by his wife and business partner Stacey Turner. Together they run a health consultancy company called The Chief Life. This is a podcast request host Matty has had since first starting Becoming a Bowhunter.


In this podcast the two of them dive deep into nutrition for optimal health and fitness and what would be very beneficial for improving your bowhunting performance.


In the episode they cover over the fun 5: Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol. They talk about why these food groups are inflammatory and why you should potentially consider swapping these foods out of your diet or at least work on reducing the amount you consume.


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtU-rbG4kiurZMh1BRDo0g


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