#33 – Butchering and tanning with Darcy Galliano

This week host Matty is joined by Darcy Galliano (@darcygalliano). Although young (20 yr/old) Darcy is a very well traveled and experience bowhunter who is actually a butcher by trade. In the episode the boys go from A-Z of gutting, skinning, butchering and tanning and animal and it’s hide.


Darcy has travelled most of Australia chasing deer with only one of the six species left to notch off of his belt.


Darcy explains how his mentor took him under his wing from a young age and attributes his success to being able to live off of the shoulders of giants like his mentor.


This podcast covers Darcy’s upbringing in bowhunting as well as diving into the butchering and tanning of an animal. Its really full of a little bit of something for everyone!


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