#37 – Mountain man with Jamie Carle

This week host Matty is joined by Jamie Calre of Mountainman Hunting Films (@mountainman_nz). This conversation is really insightful and packed full of gems. The boys dive into what hunting means to them and the difference between the outlook on hunting from Jamie home land of New Zealand compared to his now home of Perth in Western Australia!


Jamie has had some great adventures over his years of hunting from taking his first deer in the mountains of NZ when he was 15 right through to backpack hunts in the high country of Victoria and New Zealand!


The boys discuss raising kids in the wild and not forcing your love for hunting onto them, as well as a shared hope and excitement that their daughters will take to it and that it will be a shared passion later in life.


At present Jamie is prepping for a backpack hunt in the mountains of Idaho (USA) with his mate Andre! Although not until September/October of 2020 Jamie speaks in great detail of the depth of study he has done into Idaho and why they chose it for their over the counter elk hunt in 2020.


This podcast shares a lot of good content around hunting ethics and why the boys both choose to make hunting part of their lifestyle where possible!


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