#39 – The Hunters Club with Andre Alipate

This weeks episode is with outdoorsmen and bowhunter Andre Alipate

Andre has been hunting for as long as he can remember! The act of hunting was just seen as living for his family! The grew their own foods and harvested heir own fish and game for the family to feed!

In todays episode Host Matty and Andre dive into:

  • Some of the benefits of Crossfit when it comes to bowhunting
  • The current state of the world and the hunting lock down that is happening in multiple countries
  • Andre’s past in hunting and bowhunting
  • How appealing living off the land is to the boys
  • What is The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club
  • How Andre got involved in being apart of a hunting series
  • The different dynamics of having a film crew when hunting
  • What makes the hunters club different to other hunting series
  • Where to get your hands on the series
  • One of Andre’s favourite hunts of late

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