#2 – Red Deer 101 with Kev Schilf

This week the show brings you Mr Kev Schilf. Kev grew up on a Red Deer farm where his family harvested the velvet for sale. He is very knowledgeable on red deer and their habits.


We talk from where to start entering a property with red deer populations right through the butchering process and everything in between like what they feed on at different times of year, how to approach them both in and out of the rut, calling trophies in to in Kev’s opinion the correct culling method/protocol for reds.


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#1 Buying the perfect bow with Ian Summers

Ian Summers has been in the archery world for over 30 years! After years of grinding away as a plumber and not enjoying his work life at all Ian decided to bite the bullet and make a career out of his passion.

Ian coaches archery, build bow press apparatus, is a part owner in Kayuga Broadheads, guides hunts for Kayuga Adventures and works at Abbey Archery in Sydney tuning bows.

Ian is incredibly passionate about archery and hunting and in this episode helps to decipher the questions you should be asking when buying a bow whether it’s your first or your perfect bow.

We also take a look into selecting arrows and how thinks the ideal grain arrow and arrow weight for hunting should be selected by each archer.

Finally, Ian takes us through the heartiness of Australian broadheads and his new signature model broadhead from Kayuga Broadheads ‘ZOT’.

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#00 – Matty Turner on Starting Becoming A Bowhunter

This is an introduction to your host Matthias Turner.


Matty is the co-founder of The Chief Life an online platform where they help their members with nutrition and lifestyle.

Matty is a 29 old male, living in Brisbane who has recently become obsessed with all things archery. Join him as he takes you through his introduction into archery and a few hunting stories he’s stoked to tell you.

Note the audio quality of this podcast isn’t great as it was recorded in the car on the way home from a hunting trip. Future episodes are all great quality and highly understandable.


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1st episode Coming soon….

I, like you, love archery and have become obsessed with all things to do with it. Part of my journey in archery is becoming a bow hunter. I have created this platform to make yours and my journey’s easier.

I want to give back to the sport/hobby/lifestyle that has already given so much to me. The goal is to bring you some of the best podcast content from a beginners point of view. Talking to the best about bow set up and gear advantages/disadvantages, stalking animals, learnings of different species habits, environments, favourite foods to bedding places, competition archery, animal conservation, best hunting stories and a hell of a lot more.